Juli 18
Kalender Gebete Kongregation von der Auferstehung


die Intention des Tages


That, after the example of Christ, we will withdraw from time to time from our apostolic labours in order to devote some time exclusively to reflection and prayer, in order to render our apostolate more fruitful by strengthening our union with Christ. (Art.65)



For fidelity to our charism and our vows, and for the spirit of resurrection.

For all of the intentions of members of our Congregation, especially for health and spiritual growth.


Worte des Gründers

You showed us the eternal light...You provided us with an anchor of salvation, a port, the only truth able to guide a person through a labyrinth and chaos...an unshaken foundation when everything else is crumbling...And we took hold... (Paris, 8/1/1839)