November 22
Kalender Gebete Kongregation von der Auferstehung


die Intention des Tages


That our priests and deacons, who act in the name of Christ, will preach Gods word and not their own, preparing themselves diligently to proclaim the word of God, and striving to make their lives conform to the truth they speak. (Art.216)



For the deceased novices and seminarians of our Congregation.

For fidelity to our vows and charism.


Worte des Gründers

O God, may this holy sentiment which you inspired in me continue to live within me, may it live forever! May my life be an expression of your love, and a means of perpetuating your glory on earth. May my life be dedicated to building you a temple where all humanity will love you, where the whole world will honor you. (KW,120)